Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Your First-Ever Look At Gilt Bar's Sophisticated New Lower-Level 'Library'

giltlibrary(Photos: Gilt Bar)

For now, the snazzy little ramen bar planned for the Sodikoff Restaurant Group has been put on hold, Brendan Sodikoff tells 312DD.

In its place is something that he's dubbed the Library, which will serve as a "social conversation room" when it opens to the public underneath Gilt Bar Wednesday, March 6.

The low-lit space is filled with hundreds of leather-bound vintage books that Sodikoff's team snapped up from stores in Chicago, London, New York and Paris. Sodikoff boasts that the collection is comprised of the greatest books of all time, so he's hoping that visitors respect them.

Downstairs diners will be able to order Gilt Bar's entire food and drink menu, which includes the yummy Gunthrop roasted chicken, coal-fired ribeye steak and diner-style pies. Sodikoff promises that though it's the same menu, guests will have an entirely different experience in the Library.

Here are more photos of the new space:





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aaron said...

Here's hoping they keep the bartenders-playing-records feature from Curio. Don't see it happening though.