Monday, January 7, 2008

Cuban sandwich shop sounds good to me!

From Monica Eng in the Chicago Tribune's The Stew this morning:

"We love a good cortadito and Cuban sandwich. But with the closing of Rancho Luna and Cuban Island in Peterson Park, the northwest side has been hurting for a decent Cuban meal. So we were happy to hear about the new Con Sabor Cubano, scheduled to open at at 2739 W. Lawrence Ave. (773-728-2226) before mid January—ojala (I hope so).

According to Michael Perez, everyone in his Cuban-American family loves to cook so his dad Reynaldo (a longtime CTA employee) decided to lead them in the effort to open a family restaurant. Initially the Ravenswood storefront will offer pressed sandwiches—including Cubanos, ropa viejas (with shredded beef) and steak sandwiches—for $5-$7 plus a selection of Cuban-style coffees. 'We'll have espresso, cafe con leche and cortaditos (espresso with a squirt of milk),' Michael said.

After they get the sandwich biz up and running, Perez says they will branch out into other Cuban foods. But for now they're just trying to complete their city inspections so they can crank up the grill for those toasty sandwiches of pork, cheese, pickles and mustard. Yummm."

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