Friday, February 1, 2008

Soho House Chicago update

Here's the lounge inside of Soho House New York. Could we be so lucky to get the same next year?! (Photo: Leonardo Media Services B.V.)

312 Dining Diva had the goods on the soon-to-open Soho House Chicago a few weeks ago, and now we've got more:

Look for the hot London property to make its way to the downtown area in spring 2009. Infamous for its celebrity and high-powered clientele, the boutique hotel and members-only venue will offer a rooftop pool, bedrooms, Cowshed (?!), library, games room, an expansive courtyard and more. The company is boasting that it'll also "offer something completely new to those working in the creative and media industries in Chicago."

Cannot wait.

Ha! An UPDATE: Definition of Cowshed: "Cowshed is a range of therapeutic, bath and body products handmade with natural ingredients. The cheekily-named, indulgent formulas were originally created for the Cowshed spa at Babington House, Somerset. The botanical products are blended locally using the highest quality essential oils from around the world and an infusion of herbs hand picked from the House's Victorian walled garden, which gives them a signature fragrance that is uniquely - Cowshed. In addition to the products, there are spas and shops located throughout the UK and America."

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