Friday, April 25, 2008

What the critics are saying . . .

. . . about:

Aria (200 N. Columbus Dr., 312-444-9494): "We also liked the global takes on chicken entrees (often a low point for menus) — nothing mind-blowing, but very solid and pleasantly different. Tandoori chicken is lightly spiced with masala rub and served with a tomato-based curry-style sauce and lentil salad. Also fun, light and inventive: chicken crusted with the makings of falafel (ground chickpeas, herbs and breadcrumbs) and sauced with tahini-thinned hummos."—Alison Neumer Lara (Crain's Chicago Business) Read it all here.

Jane's Restaurant (1655 W. Cortland St., 773-862-5263): "The potatoes that come on the side are a very reasonably molded sphere of rosemary breakfast potatoes, a far cry from the huge pile of oozing greasy potatoes you can find at many other brunch spots. The rosemary was just enough to make them flavorful and a great accompaniment to the egg dishes. Moreover, they were glad to sub fresh fruit for the potatoes and chicken sausage that were the standard sides. The turkey Canadian bacon, as I have said, was some of the best I've ever had. If she hadn't told me it was turkey, I would never have guessed."—The Skinny Gourmet Read it all here.

Kan Pou (4256 N. Western Ave., 773-866-2839): "Lacquered mahogany chairs flank tables topped with sea-blue cloth and white butcher paper, while modular bookcases display food mags like Saveur and Food Arts alongside small cellophane bags of the restaurant’s secret weapon: traditional Thai butter cookies, baked by the owner’s wife. There are a handful of varieties, including subtle lemongrass, sesame seed, toasty coconut and the standout buttery clove. A plate of them arrives, gratis, at the end of the meal, but trust us—you’ll also want to take a bag or two home."—Heather Shouse (Time Out Chicago) Read it all here.

Prosecco (710 N. Wells St., 312-951-9500): "Among the main courses, the quartet of fat scallops in a gently sweet vanilla-prosecco cream reduction is dazzling, as is the veal saltimbocca, in a brandy-tomato sauce that nicely balances sweet and acidic flavors. One cannot go wrong with the daily risotto, judging by my sampling. The elegant mushroom-and-tomato version had a fragrant whiff of truffle oil."—Phil Vettel (Chicago Tribune) Read it all here.

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