Wednesday, September 24, 2008

City Hall is out of touch


The city's proposed seventh-inning cutoff for Wrigleyville is stepping it up a notch, with the mayor threatening the area's bars to play along with his rules or "that whole area will be voted dry tomorrow."

Is this fair?! Even if these bars play along with the city's terms, don't they realize that people will just start binge drinking before the seventh inning—or even worse—BYOF (bring your own flask). Also, exactly what boundaries are we talking about here? Does that include the Southport Corridor and Boystown?! And what about the restaurants and lounges that serve alcohol but are not considered "sports bars?"

There's gotta be a better solution without everyone getting all worked up; plus if this area goes dry, the city loses millions of dollars and is this the image it wants to portray as it continues to pursue that 2016 Olympic bid?!

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