Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rad's still in the running for next 'Top Chef'


The Stew recaps "Top Chef," and our homegirl Radhika Desai of Between makes it through to the next round:

"Radhika's dish, Sweet Heat Shrimp, seems a winner: Loaded with flavor from chili sauces, but not too complicated. A dish designed to entice viewers in that it's exotic enough to be different, but within the range of most home cooks to tackle. Plus shrimp cook quickly—much faster than Alex's creme brulee. But time runs out before she even finishes her vinaigrette.

In neither case did Radhika do so badly that she lost or was even in the bottom tier—Colicchio didn’t have to run off set to spit out her food (too bad, Melissa)—but again, she certainly didn’t hit it out of the studio."


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