Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why hasn't anyone talked about this?!


An astute reader brought to my attention late last week an interesting tidbit:

Turns out the controversial Indian-British novelist and essayist Salman Rushdie—who was once married to former supermodel/"Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi—is an investor in the newly opened New York restaurant At Vermilion (480 Lexington Ave., 212-871-6600).

This Indian-Latin focused eatery is an offshoot of the Chicago original, which Lakshmi once told 312DD was "the best Indian restaurant in the country."

What makes it even more interesting is that "Top Chef 5" contestant Radhika "Rad" Desai, who's still in the running and is the exec chef at Between Boutique Cafe and Lounge, was the opening sous chef at Vermilion and has gotten major props for that menu's success today.


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