Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Special delivery for Ne-Yo!

R&B superstar Ne-Yo at a recent party at Lumen. (Photo: Lumen)

Celebrities have all the luck.

This time it's R&B super star Ne-Yo, who's in town for a performance at Taste of Chicago.

Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique owner Teresa Ging tells 312DD exclusively that her South Loop shop delivered four of her luscious Red Velvet cupcakes to the musician's room at Sax Hotel Tuesday night.

But this is nothing new for her. Ging says she's had a special relationship with the hotel for about two years, and that she's always delivered cupcakes to their VIP guests, including the likes of Kanye West, Spice Girls and Ellen DeGeneres.

Everyone seems to especially love the Red Velvet cupcakes ($3.50 for regular size; $1.50 for minis), but other popular pastries include the Chocolate Milk Chocolate and Black & White cupcakes.

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LoopGirl said...

Oh, I love the Chocolate Milk Chocolate - delish!!! Think I'll need to make a stop there myself this weekend ;)