Thursday, September 3, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: 'Glambert' goes ga-ga over Sushi Samba!


Guess who showed his pretty lil' head over at Sushi Samba rio late Thursday night?!

Fabulous American Idol songbird Adam Lambert, in town for the American Idol 2009 Summer Tour at Allstate Arena, dropped by the restaurant with his parents and cousin.

Sushi Samba Chef de Cuisine Dan Tucker says the group noshed on a wide range of items from his Asian-South American fused menu, including the Rainbow Dragon Roll, Samba Rio Roll, Chilean sea bass antichuchos and Kobe beef empanadas (there was a lot more!).

The restaurant's other guests—who admired the star from afar—said "he looked extremely stylish and laughed a lot" with his dining companions. And because he stuck around for at least a few hours, said sources, it's safe to say he had a good time!


Anonymous said...

Photos or it never happened ;-)

Coffeygrinds said...

Thought he liked hotdogs.

Anonymous said...

Amazing picture. Um, wow.

Unknown said...

Aww, I love Adam. His voice is UNREAL! It's soooo versatile and insane and stunning and surreal live and he's soooo sweet and funny in person. Plus he's freaking flawless up close. Like really gorgeous, he looks different in person, not that he's ugly in pics but they don't do him justice AT ALL lol. He's soooo hot/cute/pretty/sexy/goodlooking/nice in person. I love Kris too! His accent is hot and his voice is lovely (he's tiny tho lol). And Allison (even tinier JFC). Her voice should be illegal. And Matt lol. He's KILLER on the piano.