Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Casting Call for Yet Another 'The Bachelor' Tonite

Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka during happier times.

Avoid theWit at all costs tonight. Seriously.

That's because there's an open casting call for the 15th season of "The Bachelor," which means lines will be snaked around the hotel that's home to Roof and State & Lake.

Then again we may be wrong. The latest installation of the franchise, which has "Bachelor" Jake Pavelka and his now ex-fiancee Vienna Girardi at bitter odds, may have finally turned people off the reality series for good.

I really hope so because it's been totally played out in my mind since around the third season or so (especially since they absolutely refuse to cast a person of color in the lead). Nevertheless, organizers believe hundreds of potential contestants will show up. They're looking for "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" contestants.

The only good thing I see coming out of this is that all these hot people will be in one place at one time, get sick of waiting in the heat, and start hooking up with one another.

That's 6-9pm tonight.

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