Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Longman & Eagle Gets Another Big Honor

(Photo: Longman & Eagle)

Praise upon praise has been heaped upon Logan Square hot spot Longman & Eagle, so it's no surprise that GQ's Alan Richman has named it to his annual Best New Restaurants in America list.

This time, it was the only Chicago resto to get that honor, and it came in at # 10. Richman calls it a "neo flophouse" and had this to say about it:

"Longman & Eagle has two dining areas, wildly dissimilar. The back one looks like it was decorated by an 11-year-old with crayons. The front room, substantially more popular, has an unpainted plank ceiling, black tables, rusted industrial lamps, exposed pipes, a few plants, and no art except that found on the bodies of the customers, primarily unshaven hipsters lured there by a wide-ranging beer-and-booze list.

"The food is high-end gastropub. Our meal began with an amuse-bouche of raw grouper, an amenity you don't see in many flophouses. A considerable number of dishes were triumphant, including spicy frogs' legs with a blue-cheese dip; smoked sweetbreads; chicken-liver mousse; and a sunny-side-up duck egg with tongue hash and truffle vinaigrette. I'd gladly spend the night if that tongue hash were on the breakfast menu."

Congrats . . . again.

The story appears in the January issue, which will be out on stands Dec. 21.

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