Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chef Chides Resto Over Bad Service

Ryan Poli of Tavernita.

What happens in this day and age when a chef has a bad experience at another restaurant?! He blogs about it, of course.

Such was especially the case when Tavernita's Ryan Poli (who's also set to compete this summer on Bravo's Rocco's Dinner Party) took to his tumblr to express his thoughts on a not-so positive experience at dinner Monday:

"All I wanted to do was have some good snacks and spend time with my girlfriend, but things aren't always that easy when going out to dinner.

It's a shame that last night's offensive service ruined a restaurant I often go to, so much so that I probably won’t be back."

Yikes. He didn't mention the restaurant's name, but his girlfriend, CelebTV reporter Kelli Zink, was so upset that she tweeted about it Tuesday morning:

". . . we walked out of La Madia last night after a server was beyond rude to us—so you don't have to."

Ohhh, BURN.

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