Wednesday, June 29, 2011

July Is National Ice Cream Month!


June and its iffy weather was kinda meh, so we're very much looking forward to July, which is generally known as the best month of the year.

It also happens to be National Ice Cream Month, and boy are we gonna celebrate!

Café 676: The resto in the Gold Coast's Omni Hotel has totally revamped for the season, adding more local produce and ingredients. That's particularly awesome for ice cream lovers, as Executive Chef Daven Wardinski treks to his honey hive in La Fox, Ill., to collect raw honey from free-range bees. That's used to sweeten several menu items, including the signature 676 Honey Ice Cream.

Epic Burger: The organic-focused burger shop has opened its third location in the heart of the business district, which means all those hard workers can treat themselves to shakes and smoothies made with all natural ice cream, organic milk and fat-free frozen yogurt. Classic flavors are in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.

iCream: If you're a finicky ice cream eater, head to this Wicker Park parlor and create your own flavor of ice cream, froyo or sorbet. Varieties are also available in low-fat, non-fat or soy.

Mity Nice: The Water Tower spot goes all out during National Ice Cream Month with a different flavor every day. Here's what to expect: homemade blueberry waffle ice cream sandwich, chocolate peanut butter drumstick, double-dip mini ice cream cones, four-layer chocolate stout ice cream cake with candied bacon (and maple ice cream), fresh strawberry Baked Alaska, "Not So Classic" Banana Split and Tin Roof Pie.

The Purple Pig: And if you're shopping the Mag Mile, why not stop for a cool, icy treat?! They're doing soft serve all summer, and current flavors are strawberry and balsamic & chocolate-hazelnut.

Are you screaming yet?!!!

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