Monday, September 10, 2012

Elate Restaurant Has A 'Phantom' Tweeting Its Posts; It's Been Closed For Weeks!


So, check this out.

Elate, which was located on the first level of Hotel Felix in River North, closed a month ago.

It didn't even close quietly, as there was much buzz from local media outlets about its replacement, LM Bistro, which is owned by the same people behind Brasserie by LM and Troquet. But for some reason, Elate's twitter account continues to crank out specials every day to its 1,090 followers.

For example . . .

On Monday afternoon, a missive went out telling people about discounted bottles of vino. We also found tweets boasting bottomless Mimosas during brunch and a late-night menu with live jazz.

What gives?! Is this thing set on automatic or what? Someone needs to check on this because the average person just might show up thinking these specials actually exist . . .

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