Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Andrew Brochu is OUT at Graham Elliot

Andrew Brochu (Photo via StarChefs.com)

312DD broke the story Monday that something was going down over at Graham Elliot.

Now, Eater Chicago details the full story, including a statement from owner/chef Graham Elliot himself.

This is too bad because only in late January—Elliot announced excitedly this about Brochu coming aboard on Feb. 1:

"'(Brochu is) someone I've watched over the years and I've enjoyed his food at Pops (For Champagne) and Kith & Kin. When we first spoke we hit it off right away and had a good connection,' (Graham) Elliot said. 'He's the only guy in Chicago that could raise the level of the restaurant to where we want it to be, which is striving to four stars. It's the first time since the opening of the restaurant that we went outside the restaurant and he’s the only guy in Chicago that can do this job.'"

Hopefully Brochu will end up at another great spot soon . . .

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