Thursday, September 20, 2012

First-Ever 'Craft Spirits Week' Debuts in October

(Photo: Koval Distilleries)

This is insanely cool and finally an opportunity to showcase some of the best!

As the Independent Spirits Expo hits Chicago for the second year in a row in early October, the first-ever Chicago Craft Spirits Week will debut as well.

Spearheaded by local distillers FEW, Koval and North Shore, the week-long festivities will include a number of tasting events, seminars and dinners that will showcase craft distilleries in the Midwest, country and beyond. The week culminates with open houses at each of the distilleries.

Just a taste of what you'll get:

Fountainhead hosts an hour-long apertif+digestif seminar with Koval president Sonat Birnecker Hart and Fountainhead owner Aaron Zacharias.-7pm Oct. 2

● Tastings around town: Delilah's (whiskey), Up Down Cigar Shop (cigars and spirits), Watershed (esoteric), The Whistler (gin).-various times Oct. 2

● At Big Jones, Exec Chef Paul Fehribach creates a Southern-inspired, four-course menu with cocktails designed by resident mixologist David Devaney and North Shore's Sonja Kassebaum. $50 per person.-7pm Oct. 4

● Explore the red, white and green of American absinthe at The Savoy.-10pm Oct. 4

Here's the complete calendar of events.

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