Tuesday, November 20, 2007

'Check, Please!' expands to video-based web site

If you're a fan of the WTTW-TV show "Check, Please!," then you'll be happy to know that you can now watch it anytime you wish as it as expands to the Internet.

With Checkplease.tv, a video-based web site partnering with NBC5 Chicago, you'll get to watch regular folks sound off on their favorite local and national restaurants.

You can even apply yourself to become a reviewer. Just post recommendations at Checkplease.tv and indicate that you would like to be considered. "Check, Please!" invites viewers to local events where they are videotaped making one recommendation and giving reviews of at least two other restaurants that have been suggested. Parallel to the hit television show, each posted restaurant features one person recommending a restaurant, and at least two reviewers giving their opinions on video.

NBC5 will air never-before-seen, one-minute Check, Please! video recommendations from local residents twice weekly on its 6pm newscast every Tuesday and Friday. The half-hour hit TV show, which has won five Emmy awards, will continue airing weekly on WTTW-TV.

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