Thursday, January 24, 2008

A noteworthy update on Table 8 project

Will Table 8 be as opulent as NYC's Goldbar (shown above), another creation by designer Rob McKinley? We'll find out when it arrives in River North this fall. (Photo: Goldbar)

As reported here exclusively, the Chicago outpost of Table 8 is coming to River North in the fall, and we got the word directly from one of the partners, local entrepreneur John Oppenheimer, who is also behind Rednofive (440 N. Halsted St.) and Halsted's Bar & Grill (3441 N. Halsted St.).

He's not disclosing the location, but it will be somewhere in a prime location in River North. Also of important note is that it will be designed by Rob McKinley. McKinley's name may not be well known in these parts as well as he's known in New York. But if you travel to Manhattan and frequent sleek venues like Goldbar, Felice Wine Bar, PM or Cain, then you already know that we're in for a treat.

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