Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Green is the new . . .


St. Patrick's Day is more than a few weeks away, and I'm already getting slammed with emails from publicists pubbing some interesting promos for places that are not Irish at all.

They're a little, well, you just judge for yourself:

Ai Japanese Restaurant "wants you to eat green and save green" on St. Patrick's Day with half-price "green" menu items like green tea, edamame, seaweed salad, house salad, green tea ice cream and Heineken Light bottles. Also, guests will get to order the Green Dragon Signature Maki for $14.50. 358 W. Ontario St., 312-335-9888

Dine fetes the occasion with drink specials, including the St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cocktail (Irish whiskey, green Crème de Menthe) and heavy cream), St. Patrick’s Day Green Cocktail (Midori melon liquor, whiskey sour mix and Sprite) and St. Patrick’s Day Party Punch (limeade and lemonade concentrate, lemon-lime flavored soda, rum and lime sherbet). They'll also have corned beef and cabbage in addition to the regular menu. 733 W. Madison St., 312-602-2100

Hip new lounge Martini Park is getting in on the action with these corned beef sliders. (Photo: Martini Park)

Geja’s Café—the most peculiar offering—will have green cheese fondue (for the dipping of apples, grapes and bread), cans of Guinness for $3 and Bailey’s drinks to bring in the “luck of the Irish.” 340 W. Armitage Ave., 773-477-7666.

Retro swing lounge Fat Cat also gets groovy, from March 14-17, with corned beef and cabbage, Beamish Irish stew, Irish Coffee bomb shots, and of course Irish music. 4840 N. Broadway, 773-506-3100

And finally, c'mon now, Martini Park. Starting on March 1 (and ending March 17), they're doing St. Paddy's Day with an Irish Mojito, Irish Coffee Martini, hot Irish Coffee, corned beef sliders, and bangers and mash. 151 W. Erie St., 312-640-0577


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