Monday, May 12, 2008

City Hall sucks

Read Time Out Chicago's piece on the Chicago's promoter's ordinance that will be voted on by the city council on Wednesday. This will kill the local arts, nightlife and music scene if majority rules, but there's still hope . . .

Take a stand here.

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Anonymous said...


You know I love you - but you couldn't be more wrong on the liability part of this. What is wrong
with promoters paying a few hundred dollars a year for insurance?

Many of the promoters in this city are portraying themselves as legitimate businessmen. While some are shady, I the upper level of promoters in this city (ie. Tony Macey, Ryan Brooks) are legitimate businessmen. I wouldn't think twice about doing business with either of them.
With that said, why should promoters not be held to the same standards as other
businesses. Most small businesses need to have have a million dollar umbrella policy just to move
into an office.