Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mother Nature hates us all today


WTF is going on with the weather?!

Wasn't it like 80 degrees yesterday?! What's up, Mother Nature?!

Luckily Chicago's bar and restaurant owners have been around long enough not to assume that summer weather is here to stay. So, if you're going out tonight, you'd better find some place with a fireplace:

404 Wine Bar: It's been open for almost 10 years, but the Lakeview lounge is still one of the sweetest spots in the 'hood. You'll find two fireplaces: one in the front room next to a tiny table for two and the rear room that'll fit a larger group.

The Boundary: It's a sports bar a la Lincoln Park, but The Boundary is still a welcome addition to these parts of Wicker Park. You'll probably have to get there early to snag the seats near the fireplace.

Cru Cafe and Wine Bar: The Euro-style wine lounge in the Gold Coast offers a quiet little room with a fireplace where you can sip little-known bottles of vino and munch on the signature Cru Club lobster sandwich.

Reagle Beagle: Go retro with martinis and appetizers named after popular '80s show, "Three's Company." It's a little kitschy, with a fireplace right in front of the cozy sofas, but you're out to have fun, right?!

ZED451: Don't sulk because you don't get to soak up the sun on the glorious rooftop bar. The first-floor lounge is just as spectacular, with two fireplaces, where you can indulge in a glass of one of their full-bodied wines.


Anonymous said...

Zed 4WHATEVER1 is lame. You can never get to the roof unless you show up at 4 pm.

Anonymous said...

i woke up this morning and thought: global warming is a fraud. now seems like the perfect time to move.