Monday, September 15, 2008

Settle down, they're only cupcakes!

MORE's cool cupcake case is filled with a variety of savory and sweet treats every day. (Photo: Jessica Tampas)

Commenters over on The Stew got a little heated over the new sweet and savory cupcakes at MORE on the Gold Coast.


"If I want a samich, I'll buy a samich. If I want a cupcake, I'll buy a real cupcake that God intended to be dessert, not some silly samich impersonating a cupcake. That's just wrong. What's innovative and haute cuisine in LA or NYC is just silly and pretentious in Chicago."

Hmmmmmmm, OK, dude. You keep your Hostess cupcakes, but I'm going to keep my mind open. Did any of these people even try the &^%$#@!@#?! cupcakes before they banged out these comments?! Likely not.


Amalie/Emma (take your pick) said...

If someone wants to elevate the cupcake I'm MORE than fine with it. So what if it's just a trend...get it while it lasts!

Dan V. said...

MORE cupcakes are a joke. As if a cupcake isn't already almost the most terrible thing you can eat ... they then add BACON (truly THE most terrible thing you can eat) on top of them!

I might be willing to try one out from time to time (for kicks) if I wasn't recently the victim of the old woman who owns the place proving she's the most obnoxious person in the neighborhood.

Bad product + bad owner = DOA.

If they can survive until Valentine's day they might make it to next June ... riding the bell-curve of typical, short-lived Chicago businesses. Then it will be finished.