Thursday, April 2, 2009

High-Tech tasting from farm to table

Phillip Foss, executive chef at Lockwood (Photo: Lockwood)

He's the guy who brought us the infamous Lobster Haute Dog and Foie Gras Sliders, so it shouldn't come as a surprise Phillip Foss's delving deep into technology for his latest project.

Lockwood's executive chef has partnered with Ohio farmer Lee Jones to raise awareness of sustainable produce through a live, digital tasting at the restaurant. Guests will connect to farmer Jones via live Internet video conferencing in order to gain a better understanding of how sustainable agriculture is farmed; how that produce made its way onto the evening's menu; and will have the opportunity to garnish their own dishes with produce highlighted throughout the conversation.

The event benefits Veggie U, a non-profit organization of the Culinary Vegetable Institute and The Chef's Garden providing children with an understanding of sustainable agriculture. 6-9pm April 21. $95.

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dnickoloff said...

It is such an honor that Chef Foss is willing to highlight both The Chef's Garden and the Veggie U children’s program during the Earth to Table dinner scheduled at the Lockwood Restaurant on Tuesday, April 21, 2009.

The Veggie U, Earth to Table science program creates an opportunity for children to learn how to grow healthy plants in a healthy environment. In alignment with a need to meet the state standards, the students learn the parts of a plant, the parts of a flower, the plant growth process, about photosynthesis, and pollination - all while actually growing plants in the classroom. With the curriculum update in print in May, they will also learn about saving the bees.

In addition to meeting the science standards, the program is interdisciplinary - in the sense that it provides lessons pertaining to math, as the children measure to plant the seeds, language arts in writing in their journals, health, as they gain an understanding of how to actually read a food label and understand the need to make wise food choices, and the fine arts with the creation of invitations for their Feast Day. On Feast Day the class will harvest their flats of lettuce and create a salad with other donated vegetables from home or a partnering grocery store, garden club or a restaurant.

We hope that the children will begin to understand the importance in developing a healthy lifestyle. We want children to seek out healthy nutritious food items. The word diet for our young generations should not reflect what an individual takes away in what he/she is eating. Diet should instead reflect what healthy food items these young people actually choose to intake into their bodies with the understanding that the wise food choices will continue to help maintain a healthy body. The knowledge gained from the Veggie U program in beginning to think about where food selections come from (hopefully a healthy sustainable farm environment), about eating the right foods, and the scheduling of time for exercise, will allow our youth to move forward in the right direction.

Again a special thank you to Chef Foss and the Lockwood Restaurant team for supporting sustainable farming and the Veggie U children’s program!

As a mother and grandmother, I believe that in teaching our children how to develop healthy lifestyles and be cognizant of their environment, we are offering them a gift of knowledge that is life changing.

Written by Debra L. Nickoloff, Director of Veggie U