Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From the 'We're in the wrong biz!' files


312DD reported on Twitter Friday that Johnny Depp took some friends (including Public Enemies co-star Marion Cotillard) to Gibsons following the premiere of the John Dillinger biopic, but we didn't get this info that Sun-Times columnist Stella Foster uncovered:

"Depp and his entourage partied and relaxed at Gibsons till about 2:30 a.m. I understand that the bill came to $4,400 and that Mohammed A. Sekhani, aka Mo, who is known as 'the waiter to the stars' because they all love to sit in his section, received a tip from Depp to the tune of $4,000."

Foster goes on to say that the tip was split among Depp's tablemates, but whatever the case, this story is awesome and sets the bar pretty high when it comes to celebrity tipping. You know how cheap some of these guys have been rumored to be!

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