Friday, July 31, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: The Drunken Goat home revealed!

Stephanie Izard is the executive chef and co-owner of The Drunken Goat, set to open in early 2010. (Photo: Stephanie Izard)

An Ultimate Insider tells us The Drunken Goat—whose official location has been under a cloak of secrecy for four long months—is going into a former manufacturing building at 809-813 W. Randolph St. in the West Loop.

This is the first time a restaurant's gone into the heavy timber venue that's now undergoing a massive makeover to turn it into the glammed-out space everyone's expecting from the team behind it.

That would be past Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard and her partners Rob Katz and Kevin Boehm, best known for their trend-setting projects in Lincoln Park (BOKA, Landmark, Perennial).

We're, of course, expecting The Drunken Goat to be one of the biggest openings in 2010, so look for it when it debuts sometime in January or February.


art and chel said...

next to or close to De Cero?

Daniel Honigman said...

Can't wait to check it out. Great scoop, Audarshia!