Friday, July 17, 2009

First-Ever BLT Fest coming to town!


We've seen just about every food festival there is—from Ribfest to "stuff on a stick" fests—but nothing is more mouthwatering than a good ol' fest filled with nothing but BLTs.

Thanks to Slow Food Chicago, Candid Wines and The Chicago Honey Coop, BLT Fest is going down in August or September, bringing together some of the city's most creative chefs certain to whip up some imaginative twists on the American classic.

Thus far, they've secured stars from Blackbird, Custom House, Avec, Publican, Osteria Via Stato, Naha, Socca, Uncommon Ground, Va Pensiero and the Signature Room on the 95th, who have pledged to use local tomatoes, heirloom pigs and other local produce in their fixins.

A kick-off event for BLT Fest takes place Aug. 23 at Osteria Via Stato with wine and BLT bites. $35.

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