Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A HEARTY makeover

(Photo: The Hearty Boys)

Steve McDonagh and Dan Smith, of Hearty Boys and Food Network fame, are in the midst of turning their fashionable Lakeview catering facility into full-on eatery, HEARTY.

How did they make the official announcement?! Through Twitter, of course!

Some highlights:

"Here we go (you heard it here 1st). HEARTY RESTAURANT will open mid September in our Broadway space. Dinner 5 nites a week plus Sun brunch."

"HEARTY will be an upscale comfort food restaurant with Dan's take on classics ie Pork & Beans (Pork Belly, Giant Beans, Savory Sweet Sauce)."

"Also a weekly Campfire Fish market special. Fresh catch, herbed butter, market veggies wrapped in foil and cooked over hot coals."

"The bar will reflect our love of lost cocktails; Brown Derby, Montauk, Pegu Club & twists using American classic bevs like the Cel-Ray Mary."

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