Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pizza, pizza now thin, thin . . .


Is Chicago's famed deep-dish pizza passé?!

More thin-crust pizza joints are springing up around town, joining stalwarts like Spacca Napoli and Piece, according to MSNBC:

"As with many higher-end restaurants, the thin-crust pizzerias make a point of using (and telling you that they use) fresh, local, even artisanal ingredients. Spacca Napoli, for example, has its mozzarella delivered weekly from Italy. Great Lake makes its own.

"It also seems the thin-crust pizzas offer something that has long been associated with some of the city's finest restaurants and famed chefs such as Charlie Trotter, Jean Joho and Grant Achatz, but not pizzerias: the artistry of the chef, er, pizza maker."

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