Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Would You Spend $120 on an entree?!

Sprout's Satko Ibrahimovic (Photo: Chicago Tribune)

That's what Sprout executive chef/owner Satko Ibrahimovic's counting on when he opens his super high-end, all-organic resto on Oct. 3.

Blogs The Stew:

"Even in this shaky economy, the Bosnian war refugee is betting that Chicago will support a 100 percent organic, super high-end restaurant with an all-organic wine list. And he says he's willing to source every ingredient while maintaining a 20-entree, intensely complicated menu, 'with six seasonal specials a night.'"

When asked if he thought this venture was "a little ambitious," he gave an affirmative yes, adding, "'All of this food will be good for your health. No chemicals. And you would pay $300 or $400 for dinner at Alinea...Try cooking this with all organic ingredients at home. It would cost you twice as much.'"

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Amanda said...

i'd rather buy a pair of shoes... :)