Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One Good Pizza Slice One Parlor at A Time


Pizza Freaks!

Boy, have I found something you'll love: is a new site by Craig Agranoff, a self-described "pizza expert," who's cataloging the best pizza in South Florida and the entire United States. It's complete with a interactive pizza map, easy-to-find slice ratings and a special section on new store openings and closings in local areas.

There's a ton of Chicago restos on here, including Giordano’s, Panino's, Lou Malnati’s and Stefano's.

The site also had this pretty glowing review for the much-heralded Sapore di Napoli:

"I’m not sure how authentic Sapore di Napoli’s Neapolitan pizzas are, but they definitely fulfill the fragrant requirement. The ingredients are incredibly fresh; the Salsiccia pizza’s Italian sausage was homemade and tasted incredible, and the mushrooms from the Funghi pizza were more complementary to the pizza than any pizza I can remember eating. The Margherita pizza was ranked best in town by Chicago magazine, so you might choose to evaluate the restaurant by its known dish. I was pleased by my Neapolitan pizza-eating experience, and the restaurant is clean, comfortable, and a good place to have dinner and a bottle of wine on a warm summer’s night."

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Unknown said...

That picture literally made my stomach growl...i need pizza, stat! I hadn't heard about Sapore's yet, thx for the tip! Will try asap. PS, how does one get the title "pizza expert??" i'm looking for a new job... ;)