Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jam Starts Dinner Service in April!

East Village breakfast/brunch hang Jam now serves dinner. (Photo: Urban Daddy Chicago)

It's already mad crazy over at Jam for brunch and lunch, so expect the craziness to hit an all-time high when the Ukrainian Village spot starts serving dinner April 7.

Time Out managed to snag a menu, which they say is in four components: "(1) A four-course tasting that will change weekly (the April 7 menu begins with celery-root soup and foie-gras tortellini); (2) a few à-la-carte dinner offerings (country pork terrine, beef tenderloin; (3) a selection of best-ofs from the breakfast/lunch menu (french toast, buckwheat crêpes); and (4) a couple à-la-carte desserts, such as cinnamon-raisin-bread panna cotta."

We've got dibs on these here items:

Amish Chicken - (Pan-roasted breast, truffled pecorino risotto, English peas, pickled maitake mushrooms)

Halibut - (Poached fillet, sweet potato mash, pork rillettes, aromatic broth)

Strawberry Shortcake (Rhubarb-scented crème fraîche, fresh basil)

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Camille said...

Sounds Delicious..Thanks for sharing this information A!