Monday, March 22, 2010

Taxi Ride Turns Scary For One Passenger . . .


Local blogger Hope Bertram had probably the scariest cab ride of her life last week after a night on the town:

"When I got into the cab, I told the driver where I lived and told him to take the drive to my exit and then go west. He got to the drive and went south (the wrong direction) When I told him he was going the wrong way I got uncomfortable (I actually texted a few friends with the cab number and let them know what was going on.). ... I told him that I had tweeted his cab number to 3,000 people and posted a note about it to my FB profile to 2,000 people and that if anything did happen they would know where to look. – I actually didn’t do this, but TOTALLY wish I had. It was cab number 4477 by the way. I then gave him money and tried to get out of the cab and the door was locked. He wouldn’t open the door so I called 911 and told them the cab number and exactly where I was and what was going on."

That's right, Twitter and Facebook may have saved her life.

She also offers some tips for you to stay safe:

* ALWAYS make sure you know what cab number you are getting into AND the cab company (I didn’t do the later)
* Have your phone quickly accessible in case you need it
* Don’t hesitate to text friends with this information or tweet or post something on your FB profile
* MOST IMPORTANTLY – If you feel like your life is in danger, call 911. I might have waited longer than I should, but I really don’t like calling 911 because I don’t want to clog the system with an unnecessary call, but what I realize know, is that my situation wasn’t unnecessary and calling is exactly what I should have done.
* Make sure to report this to 311. They will generate a complaint and prosecute the driver. Your information will stay anonymous. People like this should not be driving a cab.


CE said...

Cute story and all - alarmist to the hilt. But did anything untoward/inappropriate actually happen? Or was this simply yet another chance to trumpet that OMG, AREN'T FB & TWITTER SO GREAT?!?!?!?!!!!!!

I realze your site tries very hard to be dishy and breathless at every turn, but some substance would benefit the reader here, wouldn't it?

312 Dining Diva said...

CE: Imma let this comment publish just so everyone can be as shocked from the insensitivity as I was.

You're obviously a guy, so just let me first say that there is NOTHING cute about this story.

Had you actually clicked through the link to her story you would have indeed read that it was in fact a very serious situation and her tips to other people--especially women--I found very important to pass on.

The next time you decide to leave a comment, PLEASE read everything first. That's not really a good look for you.

Al Iverson said...

I'm a guy and FWIW I do agree that this was a very serious situation. Not a good thing at all.