Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top 10 Wine Ordering Faux Pas . . .


Remember the recent story on 312DD about the guy who accidentally ordered a $6,000 bottle of wine?!

He may have been able to avoid that embarrassing situation had the Chicago Tribune's Bill Daley had these Top 10 nifty restaurant wine ordering no-no's handy, particularly this one:

"Do not merely glance at the bottle when it's presented. Look closely at the label. Is it what you ordered? Sounds obvious but some wineries release wines in lines of varying quality. You want what you ordered. Also, check for correct vintage; not so important with wine from stable climates like California but vital for places such as Bordeaux or Burgundy where weather can have a big impact."

That will definitely make a difference on whether you've just bought a $600 vino or $6,000 one!

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The Urbanophile said...

I always check the vintage. I can't believe how often restaurants send you a different vintage than what is on the list - and it is never in your favor. This is a disgusting practice.