Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Are You the Star of the Bar?! You Can Win $5K

Towne Bidez of Rockit Bar & Grill. (Photo: Rockit Bar & Grill)

I've had my chance to shake up a drink or two in front of large crowds, but I'm in no way ready to take on the challenge of the first-ever Star of the Bar competition.

Professional mixologists and those who love to create cocktails as a hobby are encouraged to enter the National Restaurant Association's contest for the International Wine, Spirits & Beer Event.

You'll have 90 seconds to not only make an amazing, original drink (with a Bacardi product), but also be engaging as you shake it up. Submit the video with recipe by April 26 here.

YouTube subscribers will then vote on the top six finalists, who will be flown to Chicago during the NRA's conference and make their signature cocktails in front of attendees on May 23. They'll have the chance to vote for the top three finalists, who will make their cocktails one more time in front of an audience and panel of experts later that evening at Rockit Bar & Grill.

The chosen Star of the Bar wins $5,000, with the cocktail being featured on Rockit's menu through May as well as in American Airlines American Way magazine.

Now, is that incentive enough to enter?!

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