Monday, April 12, 2010

Prosciutto Bread Balls at The Purple Pig!

(Photo: Matt Kirouac)

Everyone's squealing over The Purple Pig, the bustling little gastropub just steps from the Mag Mile.

The menu is bursting at the seams with Mediterranean-style pork (cured meats, pig's ear with crispy kale, pork-fried almonds with rosemary and garlic), but there was one particular dish that immediately caught my eye.

The fried Prosciutto Bread Balls are The Purple Pig's version of traditional arancini (Italian for "little oranges"). They've made them simpler—as they typically consist of meat, peas, rice and mozzarella—with fewer ingredients.

Prosciutto, bread, cheese and a simple tangy sauce is all you'll get. It's up to you to share. $5 for two.

Meatballs. We need one dedicated spot in Chicago!

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