Sunday, April 18, 2010

Should We All Quit Our Jobs and Become Reality 'Stars?!'

Reality-show queen Kim Kardashian commands an average $50,000 per nightclub appearance.

Were all those grueling years of higher education or practice for a career in music or the arts a waste of time?!

These days it feels like it when so-called reality stars not only command up to $100,000 per episode on a show like "The Hills," but get more $$$ than more people make in a year for a one-night appearance at a nightclub.

Gawker has the goods on the bizarre world of reality TV nightclub appearances:

"Dozens of minor celebrities are currently criss-crossing the country to collect piles of cash for nightclub appearances. Snooki gets $10,000. Kim Kardashian is yours for $50,000. But why do promoters pay? They tell us they have no choice. ... Paying someone like (Carmen) Gotti, Kardashian or Snooki four or five figures to step foot inside a garishly decorated club may seem like a rip-off. But C-listers are considerably cheaper than hiring the bigger-name musicians who used to pack clubs."

Most weekends in Chicago it's not surprising to see a number of downtown-area clubs (particularly in River North) plugging parties featuring the reality star du jour. It used to be professional athletes, but the tables have turned.

My question is: Exactly when will this horrible trend end?!

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Elizabeth Ryder said...

It IS getting out of control!