Monday, May 10, 2010

The Duffy Duck vs. Foss Hog

Mancow (from left), Phillip Foss and Curtis Duffy at Franks 'n' Dawgs. (Photo: Phillip Foss)

We're taking a break from our regularly scheduled Meatball Mondays to bring you something a little different today.

Apparently there's a vicious little battle going down over at Lincoln Park's Franks 'n' Dawgs, where two local celebrity chefs are competing to see who has the best signature hot dog.

May is the first-ever month for the Iron Dawg Competition, with the chefs going head to head to see who can sell the most hot dogs. Up first are Phillip Foss (Lockwood) and Curtis Duffy (Avenues), who have set the bar high with the Foss Hog and Duffy Duck, respectively.

Phillip Foss's "Foss Hog." (Photo: Franks ‘N Dawgs)

The signature Foss Hog features pork sausage, bacon lardons, a Sunny Side up egg and maple mayo in a toasted baguette-like bun, while the Duffy Duck includes duck sausage, pistachio, cherries and cherry foam folded inside a Pain de Mie bun. They're $8 each.

They both sound damn good, don't they?! But only one will win. Duffy is enticing folks to choose his dog by offering 10 percent off dinner at Avenues if you bring in a receipt. As of now, Foss hasn't offered a similar deal, but we're sure he's working on it.

Curtis Duffy's "Duffy Dawg." (Photo: Michael Muser)

The winner will have a chance to compete with June's celebrity chef hot dog. The loser buys the winner dinner at Kith and Kin.

Good luck, guys!

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