Monday, May 3, 2010

Say 'Opa!' to These Great Greek Meatballs . . .

Athena's "Kestebdakia," or pan-fried ground beef and lamb meatballs. (Photo: Peter Riskind)

Now that it's finally getting warm outside, we can head outdoors for some great alfresco dining.

Greek Town's home to a number of lively spots where you can chill out on some of the most beautiful outdoor patios in the city.

Athena Greek Restaurant, with its picturesque, Mediterranean setting for about 220 diners, is one hot property when the temps hit the 70s. Plus, it's a great place for budget-friendly and authentic Greek cuisine, particularly their meatballs!

Get 'em two ways: the tangy Soutzoukakai (lamb and ground beef, sauteed in zesty tomato sauce; $8.95) or the more traditional Kestebdakia (pan-fried ground beef and lamb in oregano; $7.95). Both come with feta, olives and other Greek fixins'.

It'll hold us until the Meatball Shop gets here!

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