Monday, June 28, 2010

Worth Honking About . . .

(Photo: Goose Island)

The field for local microbreweries is jam packed, so it made sense for the pioneering Goose Island Brewery to take its craft to the next level.

They're doing mega collaborations with some very high-profile chefs in town by offering custom-designed beer on tap at each restaurant.

C-House, on the first level of the Affinia Hotel, is the latest to jump on board with its own brew, and they're celebrating its debut with a launch event on July 8.

Executive Chef Nicole Pederson teamed up with Goose Island head brewer Jared Rouben for a multi-course dinner to complement the C-House Saison.

Guests will first chow down on canapes (sausage-stuffed cherry peppers; smoked sturgeon with red currant) on rooftop bar C-View, then head to the restaurant for dinner.

They've taken some liberties with the C-House Saison in a couple of the courses, featuring a spiced-infused version with the Gunthorp farm roasted pork rack (with gooseberries, house made sausage, broccoli, summer greens and sourdough) and a rhubarb-and-flower-infused concoction to go along with the almond poundcake (dressed up with rosehip panna cotta, raspberries and rhubarb preserves).

Event details: 6:30pm reception; 7:30pm dinner July 8. $60 (includes tax and gratuity).

The C-House Saison will be on tap for a limited time at C-House and Goose Island.

The brewery also collaborated on similar projects with The Bristol, David Burke Primehouse, Frontera Grill (starts July 7), graham elliot (available in July), Hot Chocolate (sold only at Goose Island), Publican, Mado, Rare Tea Cellars (sold only at Goose Island) and Vie (sold out!).

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Juici said...

I'm a big Goose Island fan. It makes me want to go try all of their new brews at these restaurants.