Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Props for Blackbird Mixologist Lynn House

Blackbird's star mixologist Lynn House in action. (Photo: Lynn House)

These days when it rains it's a monsoon, particularly for new Blackbird mixologist Lynn House, who is having one heck of a year in her chosen profession.

She recently won a mixology contest sponsored by Absolut, plus her fabulous spirits-oriented career has been tracked by likes of Ebony, Esquire, Metromix and, of course, 312DD.

Now comes the Chicago Sun-Times with even more praises:

"Working the bar at Blackbird, she's all business. She doesn't go for pyrotechnics, never swings a fifth like a big-screen cowboy twirling a six-shooter. But like any good barkeep—a word one senses she wouldn't mind—House chats and smiles while never losing her almost don't-mess-with-me concentration.

"On a recent night, after listening politely to a gentleman order a Manhattan with a few caveats of his own, House got down to business, putting together some of her own inventions.

"Her signature drink, Almost Paradise, is the sort of concoction that gives 'cocktail' a whole new meaning. Spun of Belvedere citrus vodka, dry vermouth, egg white, lemon juice, cucumber juice and a rosemary-infused simple syrup, this libation is freshness itself, light on the tongue but with a surprisingly satisfying mouth-feel. It's almost the anti-cocktail, suitable as House notes to accompany a salad or oysters."

Read the entire story here.

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