Monday, August 2, 2010

Chef 'Driven' Concepts at Atwood Cafe, Inovasi

Atwood Cafe Executive Chef Derek Simcik (Photo: Atwood Cafe)

Two Chicago-area chefs give new meaning to the buzzword "chef driven" with some exciting new promotions at their restaurants.

Over at Atwood Café, in the Loop, new Executive Chef Derek Simcik's doing a couple of cool promos to attract those diners who hate driving downtown.

First off, he's offering free valet parking every night to those who come for dinner after 7:30pm. That's good for only those who order at least two entrees.

But even more exciting, that promotion is an opportunity to unveil the Atwood Is Chef Driven contest. Through Sept. 30, diners may enter their names to win a ride to and from the restaurant—chauffeured by a professional driver and Simcik.

One lucky winner and a guest will be whisked from home or office, and en route, the chef will discuss a custom-designed menu for a complimentary five-course dinner for two. Pickup locations will be confined to within 30 minutes from the restaurant and the dinner must be scheduled by Dec. 31.

Inovasi chef/owner John des Rosiers (Photo: Inovasi)

A similar concept takes place at Lake Bluff's Inovasi in order to expose city dwellers to one of the 'burbs most buzzed-about restos.

Beginning August 13—and every two months thereafter—owner/Executive Chef John des Rosiers is allowing folks to "audition" for a spot in a limo that will take them to his restaurant for a complimentary, multi-course meal. The car will pick up diners at one centrally located spot in the city.

The limo only holds 10 guests, so he's looking for outstanding explanations on why he should pick you. The entire package includes prosecco in the limo, plus dinner and drinks (cocktail pairings, beer or wine) at the restaurant, so if I were you, I'd start crafting my perfect email right about now.

Email des Rosiers at for a chance to win.

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