Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Get Ready for a Sizzling September!

The interior of Noble Square newcomer Ruxbin Kitchen. (Photo: Ruxbin Kitchen)

My monthly obsession returns: Chicago magazine's Hot List, letting us know the 10 restaurants getting the most buzz around town in September.

No surprise at all to find Girl & The Goat ("This is the slam-dunk success of the summer"), Gilt Bar ("Darker than a Lynch film, louder than a chain saw. . .") and The Portage ("Jeff Brantley's playful menu is irresistible") on the list, but there were quite a few surprises.

(Photo: Black Dog Gelato)

Noble Square newcomer Ruxbin Kitchen gets props because it's "a little quirky, a little shoestring, a lot indie." Unfortunately, the casual American bistro is closed through Sept. 5 to get ready for its first-ever autumn menu.

And Black Dog Gelato—which gets crazy lines out the door due to these last blazing days of summer—is simply a hit because it "sometimes closes early because it runs out of gelato."

See the entire Hot List here.

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