Thursday, September 16, 2010

Local Bar Stars Compete at 'Chicago Gourmet'

From left: Mixologists Lynn House, Josh Pearson and Debbi Peak.

They're all drinking buddies, but when it comes to boozy contests, they're fierce competitors.

Five of Chicago's leading bar stars will go head-to-head during Chicago Gourmet's first-ever mixology competition.

Lynn House (Blackbird), Josh Pearson (Sepia), Ben Schiller (Boka), Debbi Peek (Bristol) and Todd Appel (Crimson) will participate in a 30-minute, "Mystery Mix" seminar where they will create a signature cocktail.

Todd Appel (left) and Benjamin Schiller.

It all goes down 12:45-1:30pm Sept. 25 at the Park Grill South Plaza Tent in Millennium Park. The event will be hosted by master mixologist Bridget Albert (Southern Wine & Spirits of Illinois) and Bon Appetit Restaurant Editor Andrew Knowlton.

The event is free for those who purchase a day pass to Chicago Gourmet here.

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