Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Big Surprises Here . . .

Mixologist Paul McGee (center) with staff celebrating something at The Whistler. (Photo: The Whistler)

GQ gives major props to The Whistler and Violet Hour, naming them to its annual The 25 Best Cocktail Bars in America list in the October issue.

On Violet Hour:

"Wrigley Field may be Chicago's best bar, but Violet Hour mixes the best cocktails in town. Out of the three dozen drinks, there's always a worthwhile variation on the sidecar, the Negroni, and the old-fashioned. The bartenders utilize five shapes of ice, and as the line grows outside this elegant haunt, their attention to detail remains the same; mint is carefully placed atop drinks, bitters dropped with painterly precision."

And their words on The Whistler:

"It's a music venue, sure, but it's an evolved music venue. A place where skinny-jeaned hipsters put down PBRs and pick up boozy rye drinks like the Blue-Collar Cocktail."

Read the entire story right here.

Congrats, guys, but we can definitely see 2010's hottest new cocktail lounges The Exchange and WaterShed giving them a serious run for their money next year . . .

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