Thursday, October 7, 2010

No Resos?! 'Get Over It!'

Mark and Elizabeth Mendez are blogging at "The Cook & The Corkscrew" as they work on their Latin-concept restaurant.

I'm beginning to think there will be a "no reservations" policy at Mark and Elizabeth Mendez's new Latin-focused restaurant when it opens soon.

I'm just basing that assumption from their latest blog post at The Cook & The Corkscrew, written by Elizabeth (the sommelier who used to work at Carnivale with her executive chef husband), as she passionately wrote about her issues with diners complaining about the practice:

"I am sick and tired of people complaining about no reservations. People piss and moan about a no reservations system for various reasons including (but of course not limited to) it is elitist, not accommodating, and doesn’t allow for the guest to dine when they want or make plans around dinner. If you want to have complete control over when you dine, eat at Burger King. ...

"In addition to creating a demand, no reservations allows me as the proprietor to under promise and over deliver, and I learned from an amazingly smart woman in the sales world that the under promise and over deliver equation is one of the best contracts you can offer in any sales transaction. Your reservation, that you will be sat late for, is the over promise and under deliver contract."

Interesting perspective from the industry! What do you think?! Read the entire article right here.

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A Tuscan foodie in America said...

The arrogance in a sentence like this one "If you want to have complete control over when you dine, eat at Burger King. ..." make me think that I will NEVER go to this restaurant. NEVER.

It is not a question to overpromising/underdelivering. It is a question of being organized and be able to do your job. And reservations are part of a restaurant's job. If instead restaurants prefer to be considered as Burger King, be my guest: but you will never see my business.