Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Your Ticket To Celebrity Chef Ball is Waiting

C-House's Pastry Chef Toni Roberts (from left), partner/chef Marcus Samuelsson and Executive Chef Nicole Pederson at last year's "Celebrity Chef Ball." (Meals on Wheels)

More than 100 readers entered the contest to win free tickets to Meals on Wheels' annual Celebrity Chef Ball, taking place Oct. 15.

All you had to do to be eligible to win was answer this question correctly:

Where did the very first Celebrity Chef Ball take place, what year and name two celebrity chefs who participated.

Here is the answer:

The first-ever Celebrity Chef Ball occurred in 1989 at the State of Illinois Building (at the food court).

Participating chefs:

Jimmy Bannos

Rick Bayless

David DiGregorio

Bobby Flay

Emeril Lagasse

Charlie Trotter
(Trotter and Lagasse cooked out of the Taco Bell stand!)

Here are the winners of the contest, who will each win a pair of tix:

Romie Gibly and Stephanie Quick.


Tickets are still available for MOW's Celebrity Chef Ball and may be purchased here.

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