Monday, December 20, 2010

Bite Cafe Closes For Renovation


Longman & Eagle was an instant success when it opened earlier this year, so naturally folks are looking to see what the owners will do next.

The next big thing will come almost one year to the date when partner Bruce Finkelman shutters Ukrainian Village's Bite Cafe for a few weeks in January for a quickie renovation.

The longtime budget-friendly fave is adjacent to hipster music venue Empty Bottle, so certainly it will continue to cater to that crowd while tempting those who frequent Longman & Eagle as well.

There's no confirmation on whether they'll be a name change or how dramatic menu changes will be, but for certain Kristen Anderson, formerly of Glazed Donuts, will continue to contribute.

It's been around for a looong time, so it's definitely time for a change.

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