Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chefs Unite For Epic Seafood Supper at L2O

L2O's main dining room. (Photo: L2O)

So, here's your ultimate seafood-focused dinner of the summer.

L2O teams up with Supreme Lobster for a Hawaiian-themed dinner prepared by some of the city's culinary stars.

The resto's top toques Francis Brennan and Matthew Kirkley, plus pastry chef Stephanie Prida, whip up a multi-course meal with Curtis Duffy (Avenues), Todd Stein (Florentine), Paul Virant (Perennial Virant, Vie) and Andrew Zimmerman (Sepia) to benefit the Hawaii Seafood Council.

The event kicks off with a 6:30pm cocktail reception, where guests will have the opportunity to mingle with the chefs. Then at 7pm, they'll settle in for the seafood dinner that's paired with fine wines. Each chef serves a course, and uses fish and shellfish native to Hawaii.

It's $175 and happens August 30. Reservations are required by calling the restaurant.

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