Monday, September 26, 2011

Love Over Mac 'n' Cheese?!

Signature Mac 'n' Cheese dishes from Southern. (Photo: Southern Mac & Cheese Store)

Maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to help two mac 'n' cheese lovin' folks get a love connection going on.

A female diner visited the just-opened Southern Mac & Cheese Store last week, saw a guy she wanted to get to know better and posted an ad in the Missed Connections section of Craig's List:

"I've never done this before and had never even heard of this 'missed connections' thing until I was telling a coworker about a cute guy I saw while getting lunch on Friday (09/23) around 1 pm. It looked like you were also with a coworker. You were tall, wearing work clothes and you held the door open for me while walking in.

" seemed like we were definitely checking each other out. If you're up for it it'd be nice to grab a drink after work sometime. Please tell me what I was wearing and what my hair looks like."

If nothing else, at least they have good taste in food . . .

Here's the link to the ad.

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Tuscan foodie in America said...

this is funny. Good luck to her to find the guy back!