Friday, March 19, 2010

Ballers Party Hard; Bail on $2K Tab at The Shrine

LeBron James and crew at The Shrine on Thursday. (Photo: Nolen James)


NBA superstar LeBron James rolled into The Shrine Thursday with a crew of about 20 for the Hennessey BlackOut party and apparently had way too much fun.

LeBron James, Jay-Z and others hanging in VIP section. (Photo: Chris Gardner, Jr.)

But he wasn't the only celebrity in the house. Rap mogul Jay-Z (who was in town for a concert at United Center), Olympic gold medalist Shani Davis, Antawn Jamison (of the Cleveland Cavs), Dr. Ian Smith of the "Celebrity Fit Club," video vixen Buffy The Body and Young Jeezy also worked the "black" carpet and heavily guarded VIP section.

It was so nuts in the club that somehow LeBron skipped out—with crew in tow—without paying his $2,000 tab or tip, according to an Ultimate Insider. Perhaps he thought Hennessey had his back on an abundance of bottles his tables ordered, including Moet Nectar Rose, Hennessey Black, Belvedere and Patron (His table had also requested four comped bottles of Armand de Brignac Brut Gold, a.k.a. Ace of Spades champagne, which retails for $2,500 a bottle! They didn't get them.).

Revelers on the dance floor. (Photo: Nolen James)

Oh, well. Check out the photos and video from the night's madness from our friends at They seriously scored by reeling in Olympic speed skating star Shani Davis as "black carpet" interviewer.

He was a great sport!


Chef Renee said...

what is wrong with these folks...
if it were one of us regular people.. i think i can safely say i'd be posting this comment from the clink, the pokey, a 3x3 cell's THEFT plain and simple. Maybe owners should start pressing criminal charges to deter future celebrity "dine and dash"

Chris said...

PLLLLEEEAAASSSSEEEEE......You know how much credibility the Shrine has now because he showed up, they made the money back in publicity. Lebron is a billion dollar brand.

312 Dining Diva said...

@Chris: You are absolutely correct. $2K is nothing compared to the publicity the club's gonna get from the fact that he was there, BUT what about the poor servers?! They didn't get their tip!

ChiTown Fashionista said...

Loved Shani in the video! I see Lebron and Hov just walked on by, huh? That's ok...Shani's still the man! LOL!

312 Dining Diva said...

Hov blew EVERYONE off. I loved the how the music and vibe of the video changes so dramatic as he enters the room. Oooooooohhhhh. ;)

Phil said...

HAHAHA, that's freaking hilarious! On the flip side, I don't know many restaurants/clubs who can afford to give away 2k in inventory for publicity. Seems like a hefty promotion to me...but who knows? I am sure sponsors were involved. Thanks for the post, that's hilarious!

Johnny ChiTown Limo Guy said...

@Chris I agree with you about the publicity. Shrine got a lot of buzz from it. It was worth of much more than unpaid 2k tab. If this was a booked appearance of Lebron, Jay Z and others, the price tag would be few time higher..